We were contacted by an attorney out of Austin, TX representing a man out of Cleveland, OH last week.  This was a very unique situation being that the client had been attempting for more than 4 years to recover losses from a failed loan made to a Texas man.  His attorney was able to win a judgement years before but the debtor made every attempt to evade court orders that allowed for his non-exempt property to be seized.  The client found us online and contacted us for assistance in recovering the assets to be seized.  We were asked to arrive not knowing what the scope or magnitude of the job would be.  The Tarrant County Sheriffs' Department dispatched four Constables who were prepared to allow us forced entry if the debtor was not there or unwilling to cooperate.   Upon arriving we were able to provide many aspects of consulting regarding fair market values and quickly bring in additional trucks and manpower to handle what turned out to be a very large job.  We completed the removal of all specified items and they are now safely in secured storage awaiting auction by the State of Texas.  Although it is a very sad situation to see someone have their possessions seized in this manner, we were happy to provide assistance in helping our client efficiently recover and secure the items so that he may recover a portion of the debt owed him.  
When a well know surgeon passed away the partners decided to dissolve the medical practice.  When we were contacted by the attorney handling the affairs they were under a strict timeline to have all of the business assets removed from the medical office.  The client was very pleased with our offer and we quickly scheduled to remove everything from office furniture, medical exam and treatment tables, waiting room chairs, artwork, and lots of other miscellaneous medical equipment.  We even helped them move an entire truck load of medical records to an offsite storage.  The property management company had very strict rules regarding moving items within the building along with stringent insurance requirements.  We were able to provide all the needed details to the property management in short order and completed a speedy removal from the second floor.  Our diverse base of buyers were very happy to have the opportunity to source this category of goods from us.  
We are proud to announce the completion of a liquidation project where we removed and sold fifteen complete medical laboratories including cabinetry, vent fume hoods, clean rooms, and various other equipment.  Our buyer, a national oil and gas research company will be putting them to good use in several locations throughout the United States.  They were very pleased with the great value they received, as they were able to buy very high quality items far below market value.  We are happy to see these items go to a company in the field of research and development in domestic oil and gas that will continue to reduce our dependence on foreign energy sources.
After 66 years in business a Dallas family decided to wind down their engine re-manufacturing machine shop.  They contacted us while investigating how they would go about selling their business assets.  It was very interesting to preview the machinery and inventory involved in such a unique field from a company that has been in business for so many years.  Everything from lathes, piston grinders, crank shaft grinders, jib cranes, hoists, parts washer, babbitt machines, vintage vices, all kinds of engine parts, and good old fashion vintage tables and tool cabinets.  The client was pleased to learn about the services we had to offer and the process by which we could help them liquidate the business while maximizing their return.  We pride ourselves on being able to assist businesses on many levels including selling very unique equipment, machines, and inventories.  Every day is a new adventure for us and we always aim to exceed expectations.