After 66 years in business a Dallas family decided to wind down their engine re-manufacturing machine shop.  They contacted us while investigating how they would go about selling their business assets.  It was very interesting to preview the machinery and inventory involved in such a unique field from a company that has been in business for so many years.  Everything from lathes, piston grinders, crank shaft grinders, jib cranes, hoists, parts washer, babbitt machines, vintage vices, all kinds of engine parts, and good old fashion vintage tables and tool cabinets.  The client was pleased to learn about the services we had to offer and the process by which we could help them liquidate the business while maximizing their return.  We pride ourselves on being able to assist businesses on many levels including selling very unique equipment, machines, and inventories.  Every day is a new adventure for us and we always aim to exceed expectations.

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