There are many types of green businesses, but customers rarely realize doing business with Commercial Industrial Liquidation has a very green aspect.  Every item we stock is eliminating the potential of it ending up in a landfill and the re-use by the buyer eliminates another of the same item being manufactured, which conserves natural resources.

We also take pride in what we call 'Bought and Sold in the USA'.  Although many of the goods we buy and sell were not originally produced in the USA, when you buy from us you are technically buying a good that was bought in the USA from hard working Americans that create jobs and spend profits right here in the communities we live.  The buyer also recognizes great savings because of our rock bottom pricing on quality goods that help grow their business.

In today's global economy it's easy for these perspectives to be overlooked.  Commercial Industrial Liquidation takes great pride in operating with a focus on Reducing, Reusing, Recycling, and Refurbishing to preserve the environment and maximize value.  We hope you will also find a way to institute similar concepts into the operation of your business.

Wishing Your Business All The Best!
12/20/2020 01:41:06 am

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