• Dissolution of Partnership
    With our appraisal, partners are able to work with unbiased, concrete values of business assets to systematically make decisions about dissolving a partnership.
  • Business Personal Property Tax Issues
    Quite often businesses overpay on their business personal property tax bill.  The appraisal we provide allows you to present documentation to the taxing entity to substantiate accurate present values of assets being taxed.  Many businesses find having this tool allows them to effectively dispute the values they are being taxed on and significantly reduce their tax bill.
  • Dealing with Creditors and Avoiding Bankruptcy
    When times are tough knowing what your assets are worth in current terms can be invaluable.  Many of our clients can effectively use our appraisal documentation to negotiate with creditors that are in default to come to terms that will allow the business to move forward without creditors taking adverse actions.
  • Valuation for Sale or Purchase of Business Assets
    Knowing what assets are worth in the current market is imperative to ensure you are able to negotiate the best price for either buying or selling business assets.
  • Tenant Default
    Landlords and Property Management Companies often find themselves left with tenant assets after a lease default.  Our appraisal services allow you to make solid decisions about how to move forward.  Having the appraisal report we provide can assist in negotiating with a new tenant that would like to assume the assets in a new lease.  You are able to consider the real value when finalizing with a defaulted tenant and are better equipped to decide when to sell or liquidate the assets.
  • Serving Attorneys
    Attorneys that serve business clients find our appraisal services very helpful when dealing with tenant default, bankruptcy matters, and when assisting a client in buying or selling a business.     
The process:

With over 15 years in the business of buying and selling business assets of all kinds, we are uniquely capable of providing accurate valuation of assets spanning all segments of the economy.  Our historical records and day to day sales activities ensure you receive the most accurate appraisal available.  We are experts in the field and have served clients ranging in size from sole proprietorship's to large corporations.

We begin the process by systematically inventorying the assets.  Thorough research is completed taking all aspects into account.  The finished appraisal report is provided in both electronic and hard copy along with a picture library of the assets numbered so that they correspond with the line item numbers on the report itself.  We work quickly to complete each project and provide the finalized appraisal in a timely manner.

Each appraisal project is quoted on the specific scope of the client's needs and the overall extent of the assets to be appraised.  We proudly offer the most competitive rates in the industry and will provide an upfront quote for all associated fees. 

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