With over 15 years serving DFW as a premier liquidation company we have served thousands of clients.  Over that time we have amassed experience with practically every segment of the business community.  We are often asked how we are able to handle such a diversity in our services.  The simple answer is we posses the equipment and experience to deal with identifying and sourcing qualified buyers, facilitating the sale, removal and transportation of any business asset.

Having been in business since 1993 we have a unique and diverse base of buyers required to align the sale of assets in a timely manner.  Alongside our qualified base of buyers we are also aggressive with marketing and advertising to ensure the highest return for our clients, whether it be a forced liquidation where time is of the essence or an orderly liquidation that allows adequate time.

Unlike an auction, we are able to assess fair market value of assets and other goods to determine a reasonable asking price.  Anything sold through an auction is left to chance by the fact that the winning bid could be far below what an item is actually worth.  Most auctioneers do not have an adequate base of qualified buyers.  They simply facilitate the auction and profit no matter what the outcome is for the seller.

We love what we do and take pride in being a powerful resource for every client in need of a liquidator to assist in the sale of business assets.  Whether it's office furniture, retail store fixtures, industrial equipment, restaurant equipment, surplus or closeout goods, or even home furnishings, we want to be your preferred liquidator.
Mike Herndecker
10/29/2012 02:29:50 pm

Had many dealings with these folks over the years. Bought and sold stuff with them. They are the real deal.


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