A common question we hear is...what is the difference between what Commercial Industrial Liquidation does for clients and what auction services do.  There is a simple and complex answer to these issues.  The simple answer is NO, we do not facilitate auctions of any kind.  Very simply we choose to provide a consistent result for our clients that auctions cannot.

With the ever expanding internet, online auctions have become more common.  The primary reason an online auction may seem appealing is the extent of the audience, in theory anyone with an internet connection is a potential bidder.  The complexities come in when you consider that first the auction facilitator must have a website that already has a lot of traffic ("the audience") to have potential of garnering a fair sale price for the seller.  Secondly, auctions tend to bring much lower sale prices simply because the buyer has little to no personal interaction and the actual number of bidders on any certain item or lot tends to be very limited.  Overall, an auctioneer has very little invested in the process, they simply make a percentage of the sale and have little accountability for the outcome as a whole.

At Commercial Industrial Liquidation we are a full service company.  Not only do we have the expertise to determine the current market value of your asset, we also employ a process that assures we exceed the expectations of both the buyer and the seller.  You can expect much better returns when selling through the many options we offer clients.  You can also be assured that we are knowledgeable about the products we sale, and we take pride in that.

Auctions may have their place, but the large majority of small businesses, corporations, and individuals are better served with our hands on services.  Everything from asset appraisals, secure storage, re-deploying assets, complete buyout, bank and asset lender recovery and liquidation, facilitation of sales at your facility, and overall consulting to determine the best method to achieve the highest return.

Whether you are faced with growing pains, downsizing, or going out of business...for the best returns avoid the uncertainty of auctions and utilize someone that goes above and beyond to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

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