Patriotism, sustainability, money savings, global competitiveness, trade imbalances, NAFTA...

These are all things that have deteriorated our nation as big business greed has run wild in the new global economy.  Politicians don't pay for their election campaigns from the small donations of individuals, it is big business and wealthy donors that they bow down for.  This leads to economics that have very little to do with being beneficial for the American society.

THE POWER IS STILL WITH THE PEOPLE!  There are so many things individuals can do to effect change.  Buying used goods saves money, keeps additional imports from happening, keeps our money in our local economies, allows us to enjoy better made goods of yesterday, creating more jobs, and is a pure pledge to patriotism.

Just imagine if millions of Americans decided to take this pledge and take matters into our own hands.  We can change the future of our nation!

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