If you Google the word Liquidator it will return over 10 million results.  The ability for someone to call themselves a liquidator or a liquidation company can be as simple as being self proclaimed with little to no experience or real operational assets.  The number of would-be businesses are evident when you browse the search results.

So what makes a liquidation business a legitimate operation, able to provide consistent service that offers real value?  To start with, any liquidator that doesn't maintain a business location with significant warehouse space will be unable to operate a consistent or efficient operation.  A formidable liquidator will also have a significant base of contacts that both buy and sell from them.  The ability to assess the value of goods is imperative to be able to provide fair offers to both sellers and buyers.  This requires substantial industry experience in the category of goods in which they operate.  The most challenging aspect may be that a liquidation business needs a quality labor force to be able to move goods safely and in a timely manner.  Finally, the need to maintain liability insurance and bonding represents a significant cost and many would-be liquidators are unable to afford this necessity.

When a business needs to clear a leased space, empty a warehouse, unload surplus or closeouts, etc. time is of the essence.  Having a professional liquidation company can mean the difference between receiving a fair deal, or not, and getting the job completed in a timely manner while meeting the expectations of the agreement made.

When you need liquidation services, make sure you are working with a professional.  Ensure they are bonded and insured and have experience dealing with the category of goods you have.  When buying liquidation merchandise be sure the liquidator will provide a guarantee that any equipment will be in working condition and that they are capable of backing any guarantees made.  This becomes even more important when dealing with very specialized industrial machinery, commercial equipment, or any other high dollar goods.  Do your research before committing and you will find the options for a quality professional liquidator to be less than 1% of those that claim to be.

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