It's not a secret that things like furniture, tools, and most other goods aren't made to last like those of the past decades.  There are many reasons for this, such as increased competition and the expansion of the throw away mentality.  People have been trained to expect lesser quality and to be okay with having to replace things when they break prematurely.  I'm not going to dwell on that, but instead focus on what smart moves people can take not to participate in this vicious cycle of waste.

Being thrifty and buying used has been largely thought of as being cheap.  When in fact the advertising we are inundated with is selling us on the idea that new is better simply because of the ambition to sell their new goods.  The fact is that every year new goods have a diminished value proposition for consumers due to the fact that overall quality declines to reduce cost while retail prices rise to increase profits.  For this reason used goods are generally of higher quality.  The best part is you can save a lot of money buying used, many times paying just a fraction of the price of new.  If you consider the fact that you are extending the use of an item by keeping it from being disposed of while also eliminating buying something new that causes the continued depletion of our natural resources, you are a real hero when you decide to be thrifty and buy used.

You can find almost any item you are looking for used.  The secondary marketplace may not have TV commercials or expensive advertising in your favorite magazine, but who needs that when you have a better quality item and money left in the bank!  Cheers to buying used :)

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